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Volume-5, Issue-2, 2014

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Effects of sowing date and intra- row spacing on oil, crude protein, crude fibre and ash contents of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) seed in Yola, Nigeria
1Mshelia, J. S., 2Sajo, A. A. & 2Gungula, D. T.
1Department of Agronomy, Federal University, Kashere, P. M. B. 0182, Gombe State, Nigeria.
2Department of Crop Production & Horticulture, School of Agric. & Agric. Techn. Modibbo Adama University of Technology, P. M. B. 2076, Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria.
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Synergism between Mimusops elengi and Bauhinia variegata seed extracts against Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi and Vibrio cholerae o1 biotype EL tor serotype Ogawa isolates
1, 2*Shyamapada Mandal, 2Manisha DebMandal, 1,3Nishith Kumar Pal
1Department of Microbiology, Bacteriology and Serology Unit, Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine, C. R. Avenue, Kolkata-700 073, India
2Department of Physiology and Biophysics, KPC Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata-700 032, India
3Department of Microbiology, Malda Medical College and Hospital, Malda-732103, India
*Correspondence: Present Address: Laboratory of Microbiology and Experimental Medicine, Department of Zoology, Gour Banga University, Malda-732103, India.
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Page No . 191-195
Respose of rabbit’s testosterone and estrogen status to graded levels of white mangrove plant (Laguncularia  racemosa)
1Yahaya, M.A. & 2*Ajuogu, P.K.
1Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Nkpolu Orowurukwu Diobu, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
2Department of Animal Science and Fisheries, ,Faculty of Agriculture, University of Port Harcourt, P.M.B.5323 East west road Choba,Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
*Corresponding author E-mail:
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 196-198
Interactive effects of irrigation rate and leaf harvest intensity on edible leaf and fruit yields of multipurpose pumpkin (Cucurbit moschata Duchesne)
1Mwaura, M. M., 1,2*Isutsa, D. K., 1Ogweno, J. O. & 3Kasina, M.
1Egerton University, P. O. Box 536-20115, Egerton
2Chuka University, P. O. Box 109-60400, Chuka
3Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, P. O. Box 14733-00800, Nairobi
*Correspondence author’s e-mail:
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 199-204
Effect of pre conditioning on germination and seedling growth of Terminalia chebula Retz.
Raju, B., Mallikarjunagowda, A.P., Narayanaswamy, P. & Farooqi, A.A.
College of Horticulture, UHS Campus, GKVK, Bangalore- 560 065, India
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 205-207
Isolation, screening and production of xylanase from Aspergillus Sp.
1Naveen, M., 1Saroj Yadav & 2Siddalingeshwara, K. G.
1Research and Development Centre, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India
2Department of Studies in Microbiology, Padmshree Institute of Information Science, Nagarabhavi Circle, Bangalore,India
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 208-211
hromosome study of human male infertility in Jammu region of Jammu & Kashmir
1Wahied Khawar Balwan, 2Mushtaq A. Bhat, 3Neelam Saba and 4Subash Gupta
1Department of Zoology, Govt. Degree College, Doda, Doda, Jammu & Kashmir, India
2,4Human Genetic Research cum Counselling Centre, University of Jammu/Govt. Medical College Jammu, India
3Department of Zoology, University of Jammu, Jammu, India
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 212-214
Diminishing fishery of reba carp Cirrhinus reba (Hamilton, 1822) in lower Anicut, Tamil Nadu with reference to needful conservational measures
Mathialagan, R., *Sivakumar, R., Chandrasekar, S., Rajasekaran, N., & Suresh, K.
P.G. and Research Dept. of Zoology, Government Arts College (Autonomous)
Kumbakonam-612 001, (Affiliated to Bharathidasan University, Thiruchirappalli), Tamil Nadu, India.
*Corresponding Author: Tel.: +91 94433 32332; Fax: 0435-2442977; E-mail:
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Utilization of petroleum products by fungi isolated from the soil environment of Keffi Metropolis, Nasarawa State, Nigeria
1*Makut, M.D., 2Ogbonna, A.I., 2Ogbonna, C.I.C. & O1wuna, M.H.
1Microbiology Unit, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Nigeria
2Applied Microbiology Unit, Department of Plant Science and Technology, University of Jos, Nigeria
*Correspondence Author’s E-mail:
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 222-225
Standardization of fermentation process for the production of cashew wine
1Umashankar, N., 1Mohan Chavan, 2Benherlal, P.S. & 3Maruthesh.A.M.
1College of Agriculture, Hassan – 573225
2College of Agriculture, Mandya, India
3AHRS, Katthalagere, Davanagere District, India
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 226-230
Seed source variation in germination behavior of Vateria indica Linn.
1Jagadish, M. R., 2Venkata Reddy, Y. B., 3Venkata Naidu, M. J., 3Vachana. H. C., 3Devakumar, A. S. & 3Patil, C. S. P.
1Conservation Genetics Lab, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE), Royal Enclave, Sriramapura, Jakkur Post, Bangalore-560 064, Karnataka, India.
2Coffee Board, Mudigere, Chickmagalur, Karnataka,India.
3College of Forestry, Ponnampet-571216, Kodagu, Karnataka,India.
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 231-234
Incidence and severity of bacteria blight and leaf streak disease in some common agro plants in Makurdi
*1Bem, A.A., 2Ahangba, G.M., 2Bem, S.L., 1Fadimu, O.Y., 1Amua, Q.M., 1Ipinlaye, S.J.
*1Department of Biological Sciences, Federal University, Dutsin-Ma, P.M.B. 5001, Dutsin-Ma, Katsina State, Nigeria.
2Department of Biological Sciences, Benue State University Makurdi, Benue State Nigeria.
*Correspondence author,, GSM No: +2347057978902, +2348133617478.
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 235-239
Growth and carcass characteristics of broiler chickens fed maize, sorghum, millet and their combinations in the semi arid zone of Nigeria
I.D. Kwari, J.U. Igwebuike, H. Shuaibu, S.I. Titimaand A.O. Raji
Department of Animal Science, University of Maiduguri, Maiduguri, Nigeria.
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 240-245
Influnce of bio-inoculants under graded levels of fertilizer on growth, yield and quality of Makoi (Solanum nigrum L.)
Raju, B.,  Mohana Chandra, C. N., Sreeramu, B.S., Farooqi, A .A. & Chandre Gowda, M.
Department of Horticulture, University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bangalore - 560 065, India
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Page No . 246-248
Additions to the knowledge of shallow-water opisthobranch molluscs (gastropoda: opisthobranchia) with new distributional records to Andaman Islands, India
1Shaktivel, G., 2Hima Mohan & 2Ganesh, T.
1,2Department of Ocean Studies and Marine Biology, Pondicherry University, Brookshabad Campus, Port Blair – 744 112, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India
Corresponding author email:
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 249-253
Effect of alcoholic extract of Vitex agnus seeds on some function of female reproductive system
1Huda F. Hasan, 2Zena M. Fahmi Qaragholi, 3Oday K. Luaibi 3*Noor A. Abdull-Wahed
1Dept. of Vet. Physiological and Pharmacological, Collage of Vet. Medicine, University of Baghdad, Iraq.
2Dept. of Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Plants- College of Pharmacy-University of Baghdad, Iraq
3Dept. of Vet. Internal and Prevent Medicine, Collage of Vet. Medicine, University of Baghdad.³*Veterinarian, B.V.S.M. Baghdad- Iraq.
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 254-257
Effect of biofertilizers on nutritional characteristics in Aonla seedlings and grafted plants
1Kumar, A., 1Ram, R. B., 1Meena, M. L., 2Raj, U., & 3Anand, A. K.
1Department of Applied Plant Science (Horticulture),Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University,Vidya Vihar, Lucknow 226025, India
2Remote Sensing Application Centre, Jankipuram, Lucknow, India
3Nagar Nigam Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Kanpur, India
Correspondance author e-mail:
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 258-260
Identification of some cowpea accessions tolerant to cowpea mild mottle virus
Salaudeen, M. T. & Aguguom, A.
Department of Crop Production, School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology, Federal University of Technology, P.M.B. 65, Minna, Nigeria
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 261-267
Performance of the lambs born to crossbreeding local sheep with Rambouillet rams
1Sukanya, T.S., 2Rudraswamy, M.S. & 2Bharath Kumar, T. P.
1Programme coordinator, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Mudigere, Chikmagalur district, Karnataka state , India
2Subject Matter Specialist, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Chikmagalur, India
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Page No . 268-270
Seasonal variations and physicochemical characteristics of the habitats in relation to the density of dengue vector Aedes aegypti in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India
1Thangamathi, P., 2Ananth, S., 1Kala, N. 1Maheshwari, R.  1Gnanasoundrai, A. &  3Nagamani, N.
1Department of Zoology K. N. Govt. Arts College for Women, (Autonomous), Thanjavur, 613 007, India.
2School of Biosciences, Annai College of Arts of Science, Kumbakonam, 612 508, India.
3Department Zoology, Govt. Arts College for Women, Kumbakonam, 612 001, India.
*Corresponding Author email:
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 271-276
Evaluation of the anti-inflammatory effect of metformin as adjuvant therapy to NSAID (meloxicam) in patients with knee osteoarthritis
1Mohammed Mahmood Mohammed, 2KassimJalil Al-Shamma & 3Nizar Abdullatif Jasim
1Department of Clinical Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, University of Al-Mustansiryah, Baghdad, Iraq.
2Department of Pharmacotherapeutics, Baghdad College of Pharmacy, Baghdad, Iraq.
3Department of Rheumatology, College of Medicine, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq.
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 277-282
Economic feasibility and profitability of carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.) cultivation under protected condition
1Tarannum, 2Hemla Naik B. & 3Zaheer Ahamed, B.
1Department of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture, College of Horticulture, UHS campus, GKVK (P), Bangalore-560 065, Karnataka, India
2Department of Horticulture, PPM Cell, UAHS, Navile, Shimoga-577 204,India
3Departmentof Plant Pathology, UAS, Raichur, Karnataka, India
[Full Article - PDF] Page No .283-286
Effect of adiponectin level in type ii diabetic postmenopausal women compared to healthy women
1Mohamed S. Al-Braich,  1Nada K. Al-Husaini,  2Sama H. M. Saleh &  3Munira F. Awn
1Section of Biochemistry, College of Dentistry/ University of Baghdad /Iraq
2Department of Anesthesia, Institute of Medical Technology, Foundation of Technical Education./Iraq
3Section of Histology, College of Dentistry/ University of Baghdad/Iraq
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 287-289
Evaluation of oral zinc sulphate in treatment of chronic diffuse Alopecia of unknown origin: an open therapeutic trial
Hiba Hikmat Maqdasi & M. Al-Waiz
Alkindy Teaching Hospital Baghdad-Iraq
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 290-293
Preliminary phytochemical analysis of dry leaf powder extracts of Citrus aurantium
*Gayathri, V. & Kiruba, D.
Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women, Coimbatore – 641043, India
*Corresponding author e-mail-
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 294-296
Effect of vardenafil on fertility in male rats
Mohammed A. Taher
College of Pharmacy, Clinical Laboratory Sciences Department, University of Baghdad, Iraq
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 297-303
Vegetation ecology of sacred groves managed by Tribals & Non-Tribals of Paschim Medinipur
Samir Kumar Dandapat & Tapan Kumar Mishra
Department of Environmental Science, Ballygunge Science College, University of Calcutta 35, Ballygunge Circular Road, Ballygunge, Kolkata – 19, West Bengal, India
*Corresponding Author e-mail:
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 304-312
Performance of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) hybrids with respect of yield and quality traits 
Raju, B., Shivanand Hongal, Puttaraju, T.B. & Sudheesh, N. K.
Division of Horticulture, University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bangalore – 560 065, India
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 313-318
Hematology and serology of broiler chickens fed maize, sorghum and millet and, their combinations in the semi arid zone of Nigeria
Kwari, I.D., Igwebuike, J.U., Taiya, H., Muhammad, A.A. and Raji, A.O.
Department of Animal Science, University of Maiduguri, Maiduguri, Nigeria
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 319-322
Second order polynomial curve fitting for length- weight relationship of Cirrhina mrigala  from Munj Sagar Talab Dhar, Madhya Pradesh  (India)
1*Amita Dagaonkar, 2Man Mohan Prakash & 3Nagesh Dagaonkar
1Deptt. of Biotechnology and Zoology, Govt. P.G. College Dhar (M.P.) India.
2Deptt. of Zoology, Govt. Holkar Science College Indore (M.P.) India.
3Deptt of Physics Govt. P.G. College Dhar (M.P.) India.
*Corresponding author’s email:
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 323-327
Clinical and hematological effect of acepromazine, midazolam, ketamine as general anesthetic protocol in rabbits
1Falah H. Khalaf, 2Ahmed H. AL-Zuhairi & 3E’atelaf A.Al-Mutheffer
1Department of Surgery and Obstetrics, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Diyala, Iraq
2Department of Internal and Preventive Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Diyala, Iraq
3Department of Surgery and Obstetrics, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Baghdad, Iraq
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 328-331
Ethnomedicinal survey of anti-typhoid plants In Ijebu Ode Local Government area of Ogun State, Nigeria
*1Fadimu, Olanrewaju Yomi, 1Iliya Mohammed & 2Sani Rabi’u Zurmi
1Department of Biological Sciences, Federal University Dutsin-Ma, P.M.B. 5001, Dutsin-Ma, Katsina State. Nigeria
2School of Nursing, Gusau, Zaria Road, Zamfara State. Nigeria.
Correspondence author email:
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 332-336
Paternity test for two families in Baghdad
Zainab Ali Hlail & Sadik Abdulridha Gatea
Department of Biology/College of Science/University of Baghdad/Iraq
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 337-340
Effect of phytase enzyme supplementation in deficient phosphate diet on broiler performance and some blood traits
Ali Mahmood Amer
Department of Veterinary Public Health, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Kufa, Najaf, Iraq
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Case Study

Study and evaluation of the hydrological characteristics in Al- Masab Al-Aam Channel (Middle Sector) of Iraq
1Haider Abaid Salomy AL-Amar, 2Saad .N.Al-Saadi, 1Jaffar H.A. Al-Zubydi
1Applied Geology Dept., College of science, Babylon University, Iraq
2Geology Dept., College of Science, Baghdad University , Iraq
[Full Article - PDF] Page No . 346-352
Potential and challenges of indigenous knowledge in conservation of biodiversity in osun osogbo sacred grove, Nigeria
1,2Folaranmi D. Babalola
1Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy in Africa, University of Pretoria, South Africa
2Department of Forest Resources Management, University of Ilorin, Nigeria
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Page No . 253-258

Short Communication

Assessment of suitability of bael fruits (Aegle marmelos Corr.) for processing quality
Raju, B., Krishna, H.C. & Chikkasubbanna, V.
Department of Horticulture, University of Agriculture Sciences, GKVK, Bangalore-560065, Karnataka, India
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Page No . 359-361

Performance of Shatavari based herbal galactogogue –milkplus® supplementation to crossbred cattle of Malnad region
Sukanya, T.S., Rudraswamy, M.S. & Bharath kumar, T.P.
Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Mudigere, Chikmagalur district , India
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Page No . 362-363