International Conference on

Social Justice and Development : Challenges and Opportunities in Vibrant Democracies

23rd & 24th February 2019

Organised by - Department of Political Science,DDU Government P.G. College Prayagraj-221508, U.P., India

in Colloboration with

Society For Science and Nature (SFSN), Lucknow-226021, U.P., India


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Two Day International Seminar on

Recent Trends and Experimental Apporaches in Science, Technology, Nature and Management (Chapter-2)

held on 23rd & 24th December 2018

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Call of Full paper for Seminar Proceedings Published as Book Chapter with ISBN No. for Volume-1 978-81-935728-3-2 and for Volume-2 978-81-935728-2-5 by February 2019



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Page No. 734-825

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Society for Science and Nature (SFSN)
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Review Article

  • Diagnostic methods of enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli in human medicine and beninese current situation on the pathovar
    HOUNGBEGNON Olivia, DOUGNON Victorien, BANKOLE Honoré
    Research Unit in Applied Microbiology and Pharmacology of natural substances, Research Laboratory in Applied Biology, Polytechnic School of Abomey-Calavi, University of Abomey-Calavi, 01 PO BOX 2009 Cotonou, Benin
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 734-740

Research Article
  • Assessment of water quality and suitability of euphrates river in Iraq for drinking purpose by applying water quality indices (WQIs) and geographical information system (GIS) techniques
    1*Mustafa Muwafaq Noori, 1Khalid Adel Abdulrazzaq,1Athraa Hashim Mohammed,2Ali Ismael Abbas
    1Engineering College, Civil Engineering Department, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq.
    2General Commission for Operation of Irrigation and Drainage Projects, Ministry of Water Resources,Iraq.
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 741-756

  • Histomorphological and histochemical study of the small intestine of the mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) in south Iraq
    1Eyhab R.M. Al-Samawy, 2F.J. Al-Saffar, 3Wafa Abdulmutalib Naji and 4Ahmed Sami Jarad
    1Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, College of Medicine, Al-Muthana University,Iraq.
    2Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Baghdad University, Baghdad,Iraq.
    3Department of Biology AL-Muthanna University - College of Science
    4Department of Pathology and poultry disease, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Fallujah , Al-Anbar,Iraq.
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 757-764

  • Assessment of honey production on different agro- ecology in woreda tahtay-koraro north western of Tigray, Ethiopia
    1Zekiros Fikadu & 2Gangwar, S. K.
    1Department of Animal Sciences, Shire Agricultural Technical and Vocational Education and Training   College, Shire Tigray Ethiopia
    2Animal Production Research Institute (APRI), Dr. R.P.C.A.U., Pusa, Samastipur, Bihar,Iraq. 
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 765-769

  • Role of sulfur content on the photo detection parameters of AgSb (SxSe1-x)2 thin films
    Bushra A. Hasan
    Department of Physics, College of Science, University of Baghdad,Iraq.
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 770-779

  • Improvement of mice fertility by immunization with culture filtrated Cornyebacterium pseudotuberculosis antigen
    1Awni, K.J., 1Alwan, M.J., 2Afaf Abdulrahman Yousif
    1Department of Pathology and Poultry Disease, College of Vet. Medicine, University of Baghdad,Iraq.
    2Department of Internal and Preventive Veterinary Medicine, College of Vet. Medicine, University of Baghdad,Iraq.
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 780-787

  • Recording of new algal species within the euphrates river environment in Iraq
    Ahmed Aidan Al-Hussieny 
    Ministry of Science and Technology, Baghdad-Iraq.
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 788-793

  • Study the effect of physical and chemical factors on phytoplankton in the euphrates river community within a of Anbar Province – Iraq
    1Huda A. Ali & 2Ahmed Aidan Al-Hussieny
    1Ministry of Education and 2Ministry of Science and Technology-Iraq.
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 794-801

  • Effect of spacing and fertilizer levels on growth and yield of zucchini (Cucurbita pepo L.)
    Hem Lata, Khandekar, R.G., Haldavanekar, P.C., Salvi, V.G. & Salvi, B.R.
    Department of Horticulture, College of Agriculture, Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth Dapoli, Ratnagiri - 415 712, Maharashtra, India
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 802-805

  • The study of the efficiency of household reverse osmosis system to remove the pollutants from different water sources
    Ayat Abd-Aljaleel Altekrety & Yaaroub Faleh AL-Fatlawy
    Department of Biology, College of Science, University of Baghdad, Baghdad,Iraq.
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 806-813

  • Adoption of Raingun technology: a study in anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh
    1Sravan Kumar, T.  and 2Mahesh Babu, T.
    1Subject Matter Specialist (Agricultural Extension), RASS-Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Tirupati, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh,India.
    2Research Associate (Agricultural Extension), Krishi Vigyan Kendra, ANGRAU, Kalyandurgam, Ananthapur District, Andhra Pradesh,India.
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 814-817

  • Synthesis of some new derivatives of 3-substituted-2-biphenyl imidazo (1,2-a)pyridine with study their biological activity
    Naeemah Al-lami and Ahmad Shaker Mahmoud
    University of Bagdad, College of science, Department of Chemistry, Jadriyah, Baghdad, Iraq; 10071 - Al Jadriyah /Baghdad,Iraq.  
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 818-823

  • Prevalence of toxoplasmosis in iraqi rhumatoid arthritis patients and detection levels of MCP-1 and TGF-β chemokines during infection
    Marwa Ali Al- Oqaily & Israa kasim Al-Ubaidi
    Department of Biology, College of Eductation for pure science ( Ibn- Al- Haitham), University of  Baghdad ,Baghdad ,Iraq.
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 824-829

  • Occurrence of filamentous fungi from tap and river water in Baghdad - Iraq
    1Ammar Y. Alkhakany, 2Jenan M. Khalaf, 1*Abdulkarim J. Karim
    1Unit of Zoonotic Diseases,  2Department of Internal Medicine & Therapeutics, College of Veterinary Medicine / University of Baghdad, Baghdad –Iraq.
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 830-841

  • The radiative transition probabilities and emission cross-section for Dy3+ doped with TiO2
    1Mohammed A.Hamzah & 2Nadia F.W. Morad
    1,2Department of physics, College of Science, Baghdad University, Baghdad,Iraq.
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 842-846

  • Estimating the size of water erosion of the slopes of mateen fold
    Nawfal Seekap Hadeed & Osamah Khazal Al-Sherifi
    Department of Geography, College of Education-Ibn Rushd for Human Sciences, University of Baghdad,Iraq.
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 847-860

  • Effect of various levels of dried tamarind pulp powder on serum and egg yolk biochemistry of layer birds
    Biradar, P.B., Kanduri, A.B., Kuldipkar, A.B., Gaikwad, N.Z. and Khan, M.A.
    Department of animal nutrition, College of veterinary and animal sciences, Udgir, Maharashtra,India.
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 861-864

  • Antibacterial activity of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteriocin (MRSACIN) and its therapeutic effects compared with vancomycin in experimental skin infection in mice
    1Mais Emad Ahmed and 2*Ahmed Qassim Al-Awadi
    1Department of Biology, College of Science, University of Baghdad,Iraq.
    2Department of Pathology, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Baghdad,Iraq.
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 865-873

  • Genetic variability and heritability study for quantitative traits in advance generation (F5) of cross between green seeded desi (GKB-10) and white kabuli (MNK-1) chickpea genotypes (Cicer arietinum L.)
    1Honnappa, 2Mannur, D.M., 1Shankergoud, I., 1Nidagundi, J.M., 3Muniswamy, S. and 1Muttappa hosamani
    1Department of genetics and plant breeding, UAS,Raichur. Pin. 584104
    2Principle scientist and head AICRP chickpea, ARS Kalaburgi.
    3Department of genetics and plant breeding, UASR, ARS, Kalaburgi
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 874-878

  • Prevalence and antimicrobial resistance patterns of gram negative bacteria isolated from patients with urinary tract infection in Baghdad city
    Suhad Saad Mahmoud
    Department of biotechnology, College of science, University of Baghdad –Iraq.
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 879-881

  • Protocol for tissue culture propagation of banana cv.Ney poovan (AB)
    Prabhuling, G, Rashmi, H. and Babu, A.G.
    Center for Horticulture Biotechnology, Directorate of Research, University of Horticulture Sciences, Bagalkot 587104, Karnataka,India.
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 882-887

  • Mango kernel starch – a natural and indigenous sizing agent for cotton fabric
    *Sunita Kale, Sangita Naik & Manisha Karhale
    Senior Scientist, All India Coordinated Research Project- Home Science,  VNMKV, Parbhani, (MS), India.
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 888-891

  • Protocol for tissue culture propagation of banana cv. Rajapuri bale (AAB)
    Prabhuling, G., Rashmi, H. and Babu, A.G.
    Center for Horticulture Biotechnology, Directorate of Research, University of Horticulture Sciences, Bagalkot 587 104, Karnataka,India.
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 892-897

  • Marketing behaviour of mango growers of Karnataka
    Manjunath, Amaresh Kumar, K. and Shashikala Bai, D.
    Department of Agricultural Extension Education,University of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences, Shivamogga - 577225,India.
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 898-901

  • In vitro regeneration of Jamun (Syzygium cuminii L.) CV. AJG-85
    Prabhuling, G, Rashmi, H and Babu A.G
    Center for Horticulture Biotechnology, Directorate of Research, University of Horticulture Sciences, Bagalkot 587104, Karnataka,India.
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 902-907

  • Implication for biodiversity conservation and monitoring under redd+ climate change mitigation programme in India
    *1Mohommad Shahid and 2Nemit Verma
    1GB Pant National Institute of Himalayan Environment and Sustainable Development, Sikkim Unit, Pangthang,Gangtok-737101, East Sikkim, India
    2Biodiversity and Climate Change Division, Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education, Dehradun-248006, Uttarakhand, India
    *Corresponding author email:
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 908-915

  • Distribution of some alleles in human dnase 1 gene for a sample of IRAQI population
    Nuha, J. Kandala
    Department of Biotechnology, College of Science. University of Baghdad/Iraq
    Corresponding author email:
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 916-921

  • A rare case of uterine torsion in a five months pregnant cow and its successful management through left flank caesarean section
    Ravi Dutt, Gyan Singh, Subhash Chand Gahalot , Vinay Yadav, Shivanagouda S Patil, Nitin Soni, Aman Dhaka and Jasmer Dalal
    College of Veterinary Sciences, Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Hisar-125004, India.
    [Full Article - PDF] Page No. 922-925

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